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Physical Science with Lab Honors

Course ID: 1021

This course gives a science foundation that deals directly with the physical forces of God's creation and how they relate here on earth and to the universe. The various topics covered include includes: the structure and properties of matter, metric conversions, the chemical composition of air, the atmosphere, the chemical composition of water, the hydrosphere, the structure of the earth, the different models of continent formation , weather and its patterns, global warming status, the physics of motion, Newton's Laws, entropy and conservation of energy, gravity, electromagnetic forces, atomic structure and forces, chemical reactions, radioactive forces, the nature of sound and light waves, stellar evolution, and an introduction to astrophysics. It builds the relationship between science, technology, society and real life. This includes lab which requires formal lab reporting. If the student completes the assigned work to the instructor's satisfaction, this course should be recorded as one Honors Physical Science with Lab credit.

Prerequisites: Pre Algebra

Resources and Materials:

  1. Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition

    — Author: Dichner

    — ISBN-13: 9781946506511

    — Apologia

  2. Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition Solutions and Tests Book

    — Author: Dincher

    — ISBN-13: 9781946506528

Categories: Honors; Science
Target Levels: Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11; Grade 12
High School Credits: 1

Stephanie Brunk

Tuition and Class Schedule by Academic Term:

Full Year 2024-25

  • Tuition and Fees

    • Lab Fee: $75.00

    • Tuition Fee: $595.00

    • Paid Security Guard Fee for Safety of Students: $25.00

  • Section 1: Stephanie Brunk ( (Open)

    • Tue 10:50 am - 12:10 PM

Topics and Objectives
1. Module 1: Science The Basics
2. Module 2: Chemistry Properties and States of Matter
3. Module 3: Chemistry-Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
4. Module 4: Chemistry-Chemical Bonds
5. Module 5: Chemistry-Reactions and Energy
6. Module 6: Physics-Motion
7. Module 7: Physics-Forces
8. Module 8: Physics-Energy
9. Module 9: Physics - Waves and Sound
10. Module 10: Physics-Light
11. Module 11: Physics-Electricity and Magnetism
12. Module 12: Earth Science-Our Earth
13. Module 13: Earth Science-Our Atmosphere and Beyond
14. Module 14: Chemistry and Physics in the Life Science
15. Module 15: Physical Science Research

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