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Dear CEDAR Families, 

Registration is happening now!  

New Family Interviews are happening now
use the subject line"New Family" to set up your interview time today!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you!
Please join us in welcoming Mindy Pierce, our new High School Level Academic Advisor.  Click Here to learn more about our new addition to CEDAR! 

Please note the following rules now apply at CEDAR: 
No yoga pants, jeggings or tights are to be worn to CEDAR. In addition. Failure to comply will be immediate dismissal for the day. Shirts/tops on ladies need to come well below the waist line when seated. Failure to comply will be immediate dismissal for the day. 

No cell phones at CEDAR. This includes no cell phones in back packs. Cell phones may be checked in and left with the front desk mom and reissued at the end of the day. Parents will be given the contact name and number of the front desk mom in the event you need to reach your student. If a cell phone is collected, there will be a $10 fine to retrieve it and must be retrieved by the parent. Second offense is removal from our program. 

Thank you for making CEDAR a safe educational environment.

Please note that there is a 4% Credit Card Convenience Fee applied to all payments made with a credit card. Please consider using an E-check, or regular check to avoid this fee. For more information on this, please visit our handbook under the "About Us" tab on this website. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our handbook. There is valuable information in it, and we want every CEDAR family to be aware of all of CEDAR's policies. Thank you! 

Please visit the courses and enrollments page today and sign up for classes in the 2019-20 terms. Classes for Fall Only, Fall 1, and Full Year terms begin August 19th. Don't hesitate to email us at if we can be of service to you when making your selection for the Spring classes. Thank you! 

As always, please remember, when using StudyPlace, the best browser to use is a chrome browser, as that will make navigating through your pages so much easier. Also, please remember to familiarize yourself with our handbook found under About Us . 

If you have any trouble navigating through StudyPlace, please use the help icon (look for the life preserver) on your StudyPlace opening screen once you have logged in under LMS. There is a staff of very knowledgeable people who can help you and will alert CEDAR if there is something we need to do on your end, to give you a better experience. Thank you! 


Please click on the following link to review the rules that will be enforced in Study Hall. If you have not already done so, please share them with your child. 

Study Hall Rules


We have a monthly Chapel at CEDAR led by our students. 
This chapel is the first Tuesday of each month from 7:30am to 7:55am. Parents, come and worship with your students!


Enrollment Information


Registration for next year's courses begins for returning families in March and for new families it will be one week later in March. Please look at the top of page for specific start dates.

Existing and New Family Enrollment 
To enroll students use the Courses and Enrollment tab.
You do not have to go to the login page first. The login page will only be needed once school starts in order to access LMS (Learning Management System) which will be used for grading and homework. 


New Family Information

For face to face classes at CEDAR, new family interviews are starting in January. If you are interested in applying to CEDAR please email Beth Brookins at Please use the subject line "New Family" and you will be contacted to schedule an interview. Interviews are 30 minutes in length on Tuesdays only. It is a value for our CEDAR families to be serving in a local church. One parent and student are required to attend. At that time you will be able to see a few CEDAR classes in action. 

If you are interested in our LIVE on-line program, registration will be similar although no face to face interview is required. Please email Beth Brookins at, and use the subject line "New Family Online Class." 

For both our face to face classes and our live online classes are being finalized now. please check back to see our Calendar for the enrollment schedule. 

Please note: Once registration begins, families may be subject to a drop fee if a class is held for a student and later dropped. Please refer to the handbook found under About Us for further explanation. 


More Information

Please take the time to read this information carefully. Thank you for this privilege to partner with you in education and discipleship. 

1. If you have not already done so, please add to your contacts. Any CEDAR related correspondence will come from, and must be emailed to, this address. Reminder: Please do not use Beth’s personal email for school related business, sorry, no exceptions! 

2. If you are using a different or new email, please email CEDAR at with your current email. Please be sure to include your family name in the email so we can update our system. If you are using the same email as you have in the past, please do not email us with your current email. Thank you! 

3. Cell phone use for students is prohibited at CEDAR. This includes free time such as lunch, in-between classes, etc. A designated area will be available in the case of an emergency or parent communication. Cellphones can be left on vibrate in your bags but should not be used outside these parameters. Note: Cellphones are no longer allowed to be used as calculators, so please make sure your child has a calculator TI-30XS or similar, if needed for their class. Thank you! 

4. Please familiarize yourself with CEDAR’s Handbook. It is your responsibility to understand the rules, regulations and financial policies at CEDAR. Our handbook can be found on our website under the “about us” tab.

5. A parent or caregiver MUST proctor all tests taken at home. All tests must be signed by the parent or caregiver, to signify this supervision occurred and that all CEDAR rules were followed while the student took the test. 

6. While taking math tests at home, under adult supervision, the student must only have access to their calculator TI-30XS or similar, and NO technological device capable of internet connection can be accessible. Failure to comply could result in expulsion from CEDAR without refund.


StudyPlace Login and Support:

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