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American Government

Course ID: 1031

This upper-level high school course will look at US government from a biblical perspective and encourage students to appreciate their heritage. Students are challenged to be informed and empowered citizens who have a biblical perspective of government with this American Government course. Students will learn about our nation, its development over the last four centuries, and its system of government. Students will have the opportunity to examine primary sources that are foundational to understanding how the American government should operate. During this course, students will study the foundations of our country, the Constitution, the three branches of government, and political parties and politics. The student has a weekly study guide that they use for reference and to answer the questions after each reading. Parents have a study guide answer key available to them to grade and enter polls. In class students will participate in discussions and activities. They will also be preparing presentations and projects to share with the class throughout the year.

Resources and Materials:

  1. BJU Press American Government Student Text (4th Edition)

    — Author: BJU Press

    — ISBN-13: 9781628564242

  2. BJU Press American Government Student Activity Book (4th Edition)

    — Author: BJU Press

    — ISBN-13: 9781628565423

Target Levels: Grade 10; Grade 11; Grade 12
High School Credits: 0.5

Tuition and Class Schedule by Academic Term:

Fall Only Term 2024

  • Tuition and Fees

    • Paid Security Guard Fee for Safety of Students: $25.00

    • Fall Only Non DE: $410.00

  • Section 1: Laura Pittman ( (Open)

    • Thu 12:40 PM - 2:00 PM

Unit 1: America’s Foundations
The Only Sure Foundation
Forms of Government
Christianity, the Church, and Government

Unit 2: The Constitution
Constitutional Beginnings
The United States Constitution
State and Local Government

Unit 3: The Legislative Branch
The Structure of Congress
The Powers of Congress

Unit 4: The Executive Branch
The Road to the White House
America’s Highest Office
The Federal Bureaucracy
Foreign Policy

Unit 5: The Judicial Branch
The Judiciary
Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, and Civil Responsibilities

Unit 6: Party Politics
The Party System
Campaigns and Elections
Public Policy and Politics

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