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CEDAR is officially approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)  


For those of you who are students athletes, you know what this means.  


NCAA is the clearing house or governing body for student athletes desiring to play at the university level.


The NCAA has vetted our course in fine detail down to how we test, our grading rubric, amount of coursework assigned weekly, instructor background, etc.  

Student athletes at CEDAR will now have their courses NCAA approved.

Slam Dunk
Athletic Testimonials
Testimonials from CEDAR Athletic Students
CEDAR is better than an online school, because you physically attend a class with an actual teacher. This provides accountability because I physically see the teachers every week and it make me want to get my assignments completed on time. I feel more comfortable asking for help from someone I have met in person and see each week. My teachers seem more concerned that I understand the material well, then if I completed the required number of assignments on time. This has given more confidence and I then perform better. It can be a challenge keeping up with everything when going to school full time and practicing your sport full time. CEDAR has given me the ability to keep up with both. 

Testimonials from CEDAR Athletic Students' Parents
We appreciate the flexibility of homeschooling for competitive athletes. The demanding practice schedule can be grueling and makes it difficult to keep with the academic work load, while attending a traditional school. In the past, it often meant leaving home early to attend school, going to practice directly after school, and arriving home after 9 pm. Then needing to clean-up and eat dinner before starting homework. With the increased rigor of High School honors classes, that would mean a very late night each night. The freedom of a one day class schedule, has resulted in only one 12 hour day instead of five. This has allowed us to alter her practice schedule so that she has work time in the morning before practice, and time after practice to get extra instruction from us and still have down-time before bed. This has been a blessing to our entire family. It has helped keep her from burning out (physically and mentally) and allows us to give her assistance with her lessons at a time that is more convenient. The teachers at CEDAR have been flexible during travel season, by giving extra time to turn in a the few assignments that would be difficult or impossible to complete while traveling. They respond quickly when she needs clarification of assignments or instruction. Overall, CEDAR has been an instrumental part of helping our daughter succeed, not only academically, but also reach her goals in her chosen sport.
-Susan and Mike
CEDAR has allowed my daughter to participate in a high demand sport like gymnastics yet still maintain a school experience with classmates and instructors. She is currently a sophomore and has been at CEDAR since 6th grade when her sport began to demand more hours. Having instructors to present and lecture on the core subjects took the pressure off me as a mom, especially when those subjects like math became too difficult for me. Meeting only one day a week allows my daughter to accomplish her almost 30 hours in the gym, school work and still have family time. These things would be virtually impossible, if not very difficult without CEDAR. I can not say enough about the instructor’s knowledge and commitment to the students along with the extensive choice of courses to choose from. CEDAR has been a blessing to my daughter and our family. 
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