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Middle School at CEDAR

At CEDAR, we consider our middle school sixth through eighth grade. Middle school is a pivotal time of change, where students experience physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic growth and development. Our Middle School curriculum integrates challenging academic standards with a Christian worldview, encouraging critical thinking and biblical action. Our CEDAR staff is both professionally qualified and spiritually equipped, with teachers whom God calls to leadership in a Christian school.

Our Middle School Program

Builds the bridge between elementary and high school by increasing independent thought and independent work while boosting student confidence and preparing them for more responsibility in life.

Values and utilizes parental involvement for the betterment of our school. Parents have a role in ensuring the quality and completeness of work. They ensure that students understand the content.

Offers the core subjects of math, science, language arts, history, and discipleship. These classes are complemented by optional elective studies that vary each year.

Teaches the critical skill of applying biblical truths to everyday life and learning situations.

Incorporates a Biblical worldview in all subject areas.

Prepares our students for rigorous high school classes.

Classes are held at Riverside Church in North Lauderdale on an ala cart basis. The first class offered starts at 8:00 am. Families will select which individual classes they want to take from our six periods and may choose to take classes all day. The lunch period is available to students who have a class in both the morning and the afternoon. Catered lunch is offered at CEDAR on Tuesday, for an additional cost.


Students are required to take a placement test for Math and English in grades 7 & above. The placement tests can be found in the course descriptions of the desired course.

Example Middle School Schedules

Example schedules for each grade. These are examples, families are free to choose courses ala cart.

Example 6th Grade Schedule


8:00 -9:20 Investigative Science

9:24-10:45 Language Arts

10:50-12:10 Fundamentals of Math

12:10-12:30 LUNCH

12:40-2:00 2D Design and Composition

2:05-3:35 Study Hall


9:20-12:00 Math Lab

Example 7th Grade Schedule


8:00-9:20 Middle School English II or I (depending on level)

9:25-10:45 Speech

10:50-12:10 2D Design and Composition or Study Hall

12:10-12:30 LUNCH

12:40-2:00 General Science

2:05-3:35 Pre-Algebra


9:25-12:45 Math Lab

10:50-12:10 Drawing

Example 8th Grade Schedule


8:00-9:20 Middle School English II or English I Honors

9:25-10:45 Speech or Study Hall

10:50-12:10 Physical Science with Lab Honors

12:10-12:30 LUNCH

12:40-2:00 Algebra 1 Honors

2:05-3:25 English 1 Honors or Study Hall


9:25-10:45 World History or Math Lab

10:50-12:10 Cultural Geography

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