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Congratulations on having your student(s) receive college credits in high school! 
Note:  This is easier than it looks!  Once you open the spreadsheet, it will all make sense, and should only take 5 minutes. 
There are a few steps you must take after enrolling in Dual Enrollment (DE) classes.  Failure to do these steps will result in PBAU not crediting your student(s), so please read the following directions very carefully.  Please take the time to fill in the spreadsheet correctly, and with proper formatting.  If you are having difficulty filling it in properly, or copying it over as either an Excel (for Windows), or as a Numbers (for Mac) document, please seek help from your student or someone else well versed in filling out spreadsheets to make sure it is done correctly.  If you have any questions or concerns please email with the subject line "Need help with DE spreadsheet."  Thank you! 
Only one form per student taking any number of DE classes needs to be filled out.  
Due to the sensitive nature of information included in the PBAU process, you will need to do the following: 
  • Choose the correct link below,  Excel (for Windows), or Numbers (for Mac).   
  • Simply fill in your student's information below the example line.  If you have more than one student taking DE classes simultaneously, please just fill in a line for the next student under the example line.  Or you can simply fill out a new table, save it under a new name, and email back as many tables as you have students taking DE classes.  
  • Fill the spreadsheet out properly. (Make sure to scroll to the right to see all of the information necessary).
  • Use the detailed directions stated below.   
  • After you are done filling it out, save the spreadsheet, save it as either an Xcel or Numbers file, NOT as a PDF, and then email the entire table with the subject heading "DE enrollment table"  to  
  • If you later drop the class, and your student(s) are no longer enrolled in any DE classes, please email us ASAP so that you are no longer enrolled in the PBAU system.  
INSTRUCTIONS:  You will see the following necessary information on the spreadsheet.  Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper entry into the PBA systems
  1. First and Last Name of student enrolled in DE:  Fill out using official name no nicknames, and no middle name. 
  2. Street: Complete street address
  3. City: Use city name (no abbreviations)
  4. State: Use two letter abbreviation
  5. Zip: 5 digit zip only
  6. Date of Birth: mm/dd/yyyy  example:  01/01/2012
  7. Primary Phone: Area code-phone number (may be home or cell phone number) 0000000000 do NOT use dashes or parentheses
  8. Email Address: Student's email address
  9. SSN: 000-00-0000 (use dashes)  (If an international student with no SSN, please indicate INTL)
  10. Gender: Male or Female (do not use M or F)
  11. Citizenship: Choose one from the following options (Please type out in text format exactly as stated - no numbers)  US Citizen;  US Permanent Resident; Nonresident Alien.
  12. Race: Choose from one of the seven following choices (Please type out in text format exactly as stated - no numbers and no commas): 1. American Indian/Alaska Native; 2.Asian; 3.Black or African American;  4.Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander; 5.White; 6.Two or More Races;  7.Other.
  13. Hispanic or Latino Origin: Yes or No (do not use Y or N)
  14. HS Grad YR: This is the expected year the student will graduate from High School.  EXAMPLE: 20XX 
  15. Insert PBAU ID#, (NOT StudyPlace ID #) if you are new to DE classes, simply insert "PENDING ID"  If you have taken PBAU classes before, please insert the ID# your student had in previous years.  
  16. Insert your first, and Last name Yes, this repeated information.  Please insert the name exactly how you did in step 1 again.  
  17. New to DE: If this is the first year your student has taken any DE classes, type NEW.  If they have taken DE classes previously at CEDAR leave completely blank.  Nothing will go in this cell if you have taken DE classes before.  
  18. Courses taken:  Put an X next to all the DE courses your student is enrolled in for the upcoming year only.  Do NOT mark classes you have taken in years past.  

Note: If button above does not work:  simply double click on the button, (using two fingers) and click "Copy Link" paste the link into browser.  Click "enable editing" once filled out, save as the Xcel or Numbers file, NOT as a PDF, and email the table to using the subject title "DE Enrollment Table."  Wait for confirmation from us that we have received it, and that it opens properly before deleting file.  Thank you!  

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