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Intro to Biology 1043 Dual Enrollment

Course ID: 1033

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Introductory Biology and Lab

An introductory biology course designed for non-biology majors. Students will become acquainted with basic concepts and areas of study within the realm of biology. This course counts as a General Education Biological Science Course.

This is a great class for non-biology majors. Topics covered include Chemistry, Cells, Metabolism, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Evolution from a Christian perspective, Ecology, Origin of Life and Physiological Processes. Students will gain a firm foundation in College Biology with the course and will be prepared to further their biological studies if they choose.

In order to receive any Dual Enrollment credits from PBAU you must go to Dual Enrollment PBAU Registration and follow the directions precisely.

Target Levels:
High School Credits: 1
College Credits: 4

Stephanie Brunk

Tuition and Class Schedule by Academic Term:

Fall Only Term 2024

  • Tuition and Fees

    • Tuition Fee: $595.00

    • PBAU Fee For DE: $60.00

    • PBAU Lab Fee: $60.00

    • Paid Security Guard Fee for Safety of Students: $25.00

  • Section 1: Stephanie Brunk ( (Open)

    • Thu 9:25 am - 12:10 PM

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