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Testimonials from CEDAR Graduates

CEDAR equipped me with both a work ethic and skill in my academic life. As of last fall, I was invited to Harvard's Medical Forum, accepted to George Mason University, and received the highest academic scholarship to Gardner-Webb University. As a former student of CEDAR, I have the wonderful teachers to thank for pushing me towards excellence. Mrs. McDaniel's constant guidance allowed me to further pursue language, Mrs. Beisel's patience pulled me through math, and I could not have had a better first dual-enrollment experience than with Professor Critch. This May I am graduating from highschool with more than 45 college credits, and a passion for people. Nursing is my current major, with a minor in American Sign Language. Upon completion, I will pursue a physician's assistant degree in order to become a cardiovascular physician's assistant. All of my aspirations are to further see the glory of God spread throughout all the nations. 
"Now, as a prisoner for the Lord, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received." Ephesians 4:1




Taking classes at CEDAR allowed me to get my foot in the door and enter Texas A&M a step ahead of my classmates because I had the advantage of taking dual enrollment classes. These courses pushed and expanded my learning abilities. CEDAR courses fueled my passion for engineering.

CEDAR Graduate 2014- Aero Space Engineering Major with a Minor in German

CEDAR prepared me for my life at the Air Force Academy. The advanced education and available tutoring put me on the academic level I needed to be at. With classes held once a week it taught me the value of time management. 

-CEDAR Graduate 2015- Business Management Major



Knowing I wanted to go to The University of Florida, I knew I had to stand out academically. The year I was selected only 19 home education students were admitted to UF. I feel taking classes at CEDAR gave my transcript the boost it needed as well as prepared me for the academic rigor I was to face at UF. 

-CEDAR Graduate 2012- Business Administration Major



Being a part of CEDAR has done so much for me. I’ve taken classes, used resources, and made connections here that have helped equip me for college and life. The atmosphere at CEDAR has given me the desire to work hard and make the best out of high school. Now I feel both prepared and excited for my next step in life, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without CEDAR.



Testimonials from CEDAR Parents


I can attest that CEDAR was incredibly instrumental in my children's academic foundation and character building. I am forever grateful to CEDAR.



CEDAR is a blessing beyond measure! When we couldn’t see a path to completing our daughter’s education at home successfully, CEDAR provided a way! In helping us to navigate the complexities of high school and preparing our daughter to achieve her academic ambitions, CEDAR has given her the groundwork to go out into the world and use her God-given talents to change the world. She will be attending the University of Florida with the Florida Academic Scholars Bright Futures Scholarship. Thank you CEDAR, we could not have done this without you!



There are so much to be said about CEDAR and the blessing it is to the homeschool community. Beth Brookins has put into place classes with careful thought to ensure each subject is covered for middle and high school grades. It is run with the utmost precision geared to allowing every student the opportunity to be the best student they can be by having caring and compassionate teachers and professors . My son, Matthew, took several classes over the years including math, english, and spanish, and then went on to dual enrolled classes offered at CEDAR for college credit. Each teacher he had cared about his learning and also about him as a person. He felt valued which in turn caused him to study harder even when he was challenged to the core. He also was part of a mentor group called ACE that was offered at CEDAR for students interested in the architect, construction and engineering field. He was awarded a $1000. 00 scholarship through ACE and with the grades he received in his academics, he was awarded the Elite Owl scholarship at FAU. He currently attends FAU for architecture which is a rigorous five year degree but with the success pattern that he learned through CEDAR and their instructors, I have no doubt that Matthew will be fine at FAU. 


One of the highlights of our homeschooling journey has been the blessing of participating in CEDAR. My children have learned essential study skills in a professional environment where every subject is taught in a way that points them back to the glory of God. They have also made wonderful friends who share similar spiritual and educational goals. Our family has benefited greatly from the dual-enrollment courses offered at CEDAR, as it has allowed them to earn college credits with all the benefits and comfort of the CEDAR community. 



CEDAR offers challenging courses and excellent instruction in an environment that both encourages and engages middle and high school students.  From Worldview and logic classes that deepen faith and understanding, to literature classes that spark and strengthen a love of the written word, to classes for science and the arts that allow for exploration in the design and beauty of God’s creation, our family has enjoyed the rich blessing of taking part in such an incredible program.  If you are searching for a local program that will come alongside you as you seek to home educate your children through the middle and high school years, look no further.

Amy-Home educating mom of 5

My children thrive at CEDAR! This is the best-run homeschool program I have encountered in my 12+ years of homeschooling. The teachers are the best. They have profoundly contributed to the spiritual growth of my children and they are complete experts in their fields. I also appreciate the enormous effort of the director who is unwavering in her commitment to a distinctly Christian atmosphere with ever-increasing academic opportunities for the students through dual enrollment and AP courses. We are truly grateful to be a part of CEDAR.




We've been with CEDAR for 6 years now and all we've experienced here is nothing but positive. My daughters have both loved being part of CEDAR. There is so much to offer! The teachers are fantastic and are so eager to teach and the students are all so friendly and welcoming.




We pulled our children out of traditional school when my daughter was entering middle school. We knew God had called us to homeschool, but we were terrified at the thought of having to teach our children all subjects on our own. Then my friend told me about Cedar. It made the transition from traditional school to homeschool so easy because I have the teaching and support from the teachers at Cedar. My daughter loved that she was able to see some of her friends from church once a week. The curriculum is challenging and Christ-centered, and the teachers are loving, Christlike and very knowledgeable. Beth is always available and is wise and experienced in all areas of homeschooling. Both of my children now attend and they both love it. Cedar has been a blessing to our family and we are so thankful for it.




I just want to take a few minutes to communicate how wonderful the teachers at CEDAR have been for us over the last four years. They have equipped my children with the skills and confidence necessary to complete their studies. More importantly, my children have grown spiritually because of the love and grace displayed here at CEDAR.




It has been a blessing and joy for our family to be part of the CEDAR community. We felt welcomed and supported when first landing here 2 years ago and can always count on wise counsel from Beth Brookins as we try to maneuver our way through middle school and now high school. The teachers are experts in their subjects and most of them can relate to the children and parents as they themselves were, and some still are, home school parents themselves. It is an environment that promotes academic excellence and seeks to improve each year as different conditions arise. Our family is blessed and honored to be part of this home school community. 




CEDAR has been such a blessing to our family! As a new homeschooling family to 9th grade and 6th grade daughters, CEDAR has come alongside us as we transition from traditional school to homeschool. The teachers are exceptional and care deeply for the families they serve. They have encouraged my children and challenged them academically and spiritually. CEDAR has allowed us to transition to homeschool while still maintaining a rigorous college prep course load. Our children have made great friends, thrived academically and have been encouraged to be creative. Most importantly, as parents, we know that the leadership and teachers at CEADR share the core values we are teaching our children every day. We will always be grateful for the ministry of CEDAR!




Our family has been a part of CEDAR for five years. CEDAR has provided a loving, safe, academically challenging, Christian learning environment for our sons (grades 10 and 7). The teachers are not only skilled professionals in their area of expertise, but provide support when needed. I too lead a Homeschooling Group for younger students, so I understand what it takes to organize the classes, registration, facility, website, students and teachers. With confidence I can say CEDAR is an extremely well organized Christ centered program. Additionally, my family lives in Miami-Dade County and we have other homeschool class options available that are closer to home and we choose to make the 35 minute drive to be part of CEDAR each week!




CEDAR challenges my children, enriches their education and always from a Biblical worldview. We count CEDAR a true blessing!

-Geoff and Ali

Testimonials from CEDAR Students

I love taking math at CEDAR. The instructor always knows how to teach it so I understand and remember. Because of the class, I have exceeded my expectations on my math SAT score. 




Mr. DeRosa is an outstanding teacher and an even more spectacular person. Throughout the school year, using science, he has helped to shed light on the brilliant world that God has created. I am incredibly blessed and incredibly grateful that God has put Mr. DeRosa in my life.



I used to hate Math until I started CEDAR's Geometry class. I never understood much about math before. It rocks.



Mrs. Beisel is a great communicator and a brilliant mathematician. I have had her for 3 years. She has showed me how fun math can be. Mrs. Beisel always has great illustrations to help me figure out problems. I don’t know how I could understand math, the way I do, without her. She’s the best! 



Testimonials From CEDAR Instructors


I celebrate the opportunity that has been presented to me through serving as an adjunct professor at CEDAR. After completing one course with the exemplary students who attend CEDAR, I am looking forward to serving along side the highly competent CEDAR administration as long as the Lord allows. The administration is very supportive, the parents are unselfishly engaged and the students truly pursue learning for the sake of glorifying God and His rich blessings in their lives. I fully endorse the homeschool education support provided through CEDAR.

-Professor Mike Critch



Refreshing describes the atmosphere at CEDAR. With the Lord at the center of instruction, dedicated parents investing in their students, and pupils who demonstrate an eagerness to learn, respect, and love their teachers and fellow student body, the environment exudes a refreshing place for instruction. The students come to classes ready to learn as this once-a-week concentrated instruction provides a welcomed change in pace from their home studies. Students who show attentiveness during the lesson and have the courtesy to thank their instructors as they leave class for the knowledge they impart bless the teachers. Truly there is no other learning environment like this.

-Andrea Gardner


Having attended Nova Southeastern University as an undergraduate and currently attending George Washington Law, I know what it takes to succeed in higher education. My background in home education prepared me for these challenges and gave me the tools as an instructor to instill critical thinking skills in my students. The respect and the dedication of these students at CEDAR made me confident they would have great success in the next stage of their academic journey. 

-Daniel Brookins



As an instructor at CEDAR, I have been blessed with the privilege of working with students and parents to foster the love of learning a foreign language in a fun and structured way. We set high expectations and are concerned with the success of every student. The excellent, godly administration at CEDAR empowers the instructors to provide rigorous and interesting courses that prepare students for higher education and help parents in the home-education of their children.

-Mariela McDaniel

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